lørdag 23. april 2011

Music saves my soul Saturday :)

A little something to brighten the day ;)
Marcea has a linking party with wonderful songs every Saturday,
and i wanna be a part of the party :)

I soooo love this one, and it makes me smile :)
Please enjoy and dance, dance, dance!!

Hugs from Maya ♥

6 kommentarer:

Marcea sa...

I absolutely loved this song but oh dear, not sure about the poor girl hanging at the start of the video .... eek xxx

Mette sa...

So nice to hear music you would otherwise never get a chance to hear. Super song and love the beat.

Happy Easter, Mette

Anonym sa...

Ohhh, I love love LOOOOVE your song!!

Lisa sa...

Helt underbar låt men videon är ganska konstig... Hoppas att du får en glad påsk Maya!

Pauline sa...

This is a beautiful song, and the vid is very different!

Cheryl sa...

I love this song! I just had to pop over to amazon.com to download it. Thank you for sharing!


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